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Jul. 9th, 2005 @ 09:34 pm WPCA- Dodge Pro Tour
Well the Rangeland Derby has begun...

Luke Tournier took top time on night one. Jim Knight took night two but it wasn't enough to pass Luke on the aggregate results. We'll see who holds on and who falls off with 8 evenings left to go. http://wpca.com/

The Calgary Stampede also has the million dollar rodeo in full swing.
The best bareback atheletes in the world are again being showcased with Grated Coconut putting the bruises on Rodney Ruxton (from NZ) in the go round.
Bullriding is always a big draw, especially for our American friends. There's a lot of money at stake so it should get some worthy riders.

The Stampede board screwed up the steerwrestling and tie-down roping during the Rodeo Royal in April. They kept everyone on their toes by putting untested steers in the shoots. The cowboys couldn't predict if they would run left or right and as a result very few finished. I hope the board has since learned from this experiment.

Keep up to date with the scores/results at http://committees.calgarystampede.com/committees/rodeo/results/index.html
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